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Student Experience: Social Lab 2021

with guilherme silva oliveira

At Campus b, we believe that learning is done collaboratively, experientially and with hands-on student-centered activies.

To measure the real impact and outcomes of any experiential learning program, it is essential to listen to who is at the center of the process: the student. With that in mind, we will bring stories from students who stood out in their respective projects, were actively engaged in program activities, and came out of these experiences as global citizens. For this first article, we present Guilherme Oliveira, participant at the Social Impact Virtual Lab 2021.

Guilherme Oliveira, photographer, 19 years old, studying Advertising at PUC-SP. 

1. What do you believe Social Lab had different from other internship programs in general or that you have already participated?

"I believe it is the purpose of the program. To study in depth a cause that you would hardly think about in everyday life.

The program brings super experienced professionals to give us information that helps a lot in the development of the project. Not only that, Social Lab also shares with us all the cultural diversity of the students involved in the program.”

2. What was it like to work with different people and cultures and how do you see this diversity added to your experience and the program in general?

"It was an incredible experience, working with people from different cultures is exchanging knowledge and experiences,

you can also see the different way people work. I consider this to be one of the most interactive parts of the program, you interact, know people’s stories, get out of your comfort zone and realize how much you still need to know about other cultures. “

3. What skills can you exercise during the program that helped your growth and that could be useful in your life in general?

"Certainly communication, leadership and knowing how to work in a group and how each person is important and adds to the work.

I think this experience counts as a whole, you change after participating in this program, you become a more critical and reflective person. “

Anauyla Batista

Marketing Director at GreenPlat, the company who participated in the Social Impact Virtual Lab 2021

It was very rewarding to work with a group of curious, interested and dedicated students. We were impressed with the quality of the exchange we had, I hope that this group will remain engaged throughout their professional journey. You from Campus B’s team were also helpful, easy to deal with on a daily basis and made a difference so that the program flowed smoothly.”

4. What do you think other students should do to make the most of an experience like this?

"Always be present, I say that when you have the opportunity to do something, do it, and do it with great excellence, be the difference and don't be afraid to go ahead."

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Written by:

Fernando Oliveira

Campus b Team

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