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Blog Post 2

MAY 18th, 2021

Arthur Sathler
  1. Professionals need to be able to function and communicate effectively as a member of a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds. What are some of the challenges involved in establishing and maintaining effective communication on this type of cross-cultural team?


Definitely, there is a communication issue between people from different countries. I do believe that the first challenge is the way each member of the group thinks. Since people from different places have a considerable background diversity, I think the way they come up with ideas and thoughts are quite interesting. For example, Americans are more objectively than we Brazilians are.

Besides, sometimes there are a natural understanding issue. Specifics subjects are difficult to understand, due to this specific vocabulary. I also believe that accents and idiomatic expressions contribute to this misunderstanding.


  1. What new perspectives are you learning about global business?


I really think I am improving my English, as well as, I am identifying how people from different backgrounds think. Talking to someone who has a very diverse idea of everything is amazing and I am surprised about how that is so true. I am not referring exclusively to students, but both professors and lecturers. Mostly of consulting topics, I have already known, because I work with it for almost 2 years. Therefore, learning the same thing from another perspective is awesome. It truly opens our heads to new ideas.


All of those are very pleasant and aggrandizing. I guess they are the most interesting perspectives that I am learning at Global Plus3 Program and it very important for understanding and surviving the global business.

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