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Blog Post 3

MAY 24th, 2021

Arthur Sathler

1 – What is challenging about working cross-culturally in a virtual setting? What are the positives?


I think one of the greatest challenges is the meeting time outside the global meeting. Since we are in different countries and everyone has other appointments, it is a little hard for the entire project members meet together all the time.  On the other hand, the virtual setting allows people from very different places to meet. The modern technology is a real barriers breaker, culturally speaking. We are able to make friends all around the world and get to know various thoughts from people with a different background.


2 – How are you actively building trust with your teammates and your client when some may not be from your home culture?


In the beginning, it was a little hard to build trust, mostly because of the natural communication issue (high context and low context) that exists between Americans and Latin-Americans. However, when we get to know each other preferences and life vision, things are much easier. The conversation flows more naturally and softly. I think the key point is time. Therefore, I guess that is how we are building trust.


Talking about the client, I think it has been a little easier to build trust, because I am Brazilian. Thus, there is no big language barrier.


3 – As an individual on a team, how are you prioritizing and expressing your recommendations during the upcoming “Advocacy” phase of case consultation?


I think the most important way to express my recommendations is being myself. Otherwise, I probably would not be heard. Obviously, everyone has to argue in defense of his or her points of view. Therefore, when we came up with an idea, we have to give our reasons and if all the members agree, we just do it.


I think there is no correct way for someone to express himself. Besides, this “advocacy” phase of case consultation is not individually. So, we all listen to each other opinions and try to came up with a conclusion that everyone accept. That is how is working and I truly believe is the correct way of doing it.


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