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Blog Post 4

MAY 31th, 2021

Arthur Sathler
  1. What are the key lessons that you learned throughout the experience? Reflect on how the elements of business culture (communication, relationship-building, for example) impacted your work on the project.


I have learned a lot of interesting stuff throughout Campus B and University of Pittsburgh experience. Firstly, and particularly the most important, I was amazed how people are different from me, how they think different. I am talking not only about business, but also life itself. The way each culture background mold thoughts and ideas become more evident. From this, we are able to create a big conclusion attending all the thoughts. I believe that was my most important lesson overall.


Besides, I need to mention that my consulting skills were improved. We had lot of classes with Professor Skip and Professor Nagai that opened my mind for a new perspective of consulting business. I work with consulting for almost 1 year, therefore, it has been amazing to understand other points of view. I wrote down some insights that I am sure will be useful in the future.


I also had the opportunity to improve my English and my communication skills. We made an interesting relationship inside Saúde+. The short period of the program is definitely the worst part. In the last couple of weeks, my group was very engaged with the activities and we built the trust that we had learned in the 1st week, if I am not wrong.


Thank you all, guys!



  1. Provide an example of a transferrable skill developed during this course despite not being able to travel to meet your client.  How is that skill important in your future professional life?


I believe one skill well-developed is objective communication. What I mean is we had limited time to talk to the client and to present our conclusions. Therefore, managing the time is not easy.


This skill is very important not only in my future professional life, but also in other fields of life. Time management and organization is crucial for a well-planed and well-executed life.



  1. How would you explain this project in a professional interview?  How are you going to pitch this experience?


In a professional interview, I would probably start telling what the idea of this project was. Therefore, I would go for something like: “it was project in which we had a pool of students that were divided in groups. This pool had students from Brazil, Peru, Colombia and US. The students were chosen according to their own backgrounds and the groups were very diverse, culturally speaking. We were supposed to consult a Brazilian healthcare company for 1 month period.”


During the project, we had classes and lectures with healthcare company from various Latin-American countries. Moreover, we had lessons with consulting professors that provide us with some insights for the final presentation. University of Pittsburgh team and campus B team composed the staff.


It was a amazing experience in which I had daily meetings and talked about consulting stuff and life. I did know that people from other countries were different, but I had no idea they were very much different. Cultural and communication skills were totally improved.



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