Global Virtual Internship Program – Spring 2021

PT PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT: Global Virtual Internship 2021 What challenges affect our lives most in an ever-increasingly globalized environment? In partnership with the Global Learning Collective team, we developed the 1st Global Virtual Internship Program Welcoming  32 students from over 10 different countries and over 11 different universities to work virtually with 5 companies to promote tangibleContinuar lendo “Global Virtual Internship Program – Spring 2021”

Business Honors 2018

PT THROWBACK – CASE STUDY Business Honors ’18 THE CHALLENGE Join multidisciplinary teams to build innovative solutions for a specific business challenge. We facilitate the experiences of foreign students in authentic immersion programs that add the participation of local students to solve real problems suggested by partner companies. With this mindset, we developed a CaseContinuar lendo “Business Honors 2018”

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