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Blog Post 2 - "New Cultures"

MAY 18th, 2021

Edwin Condori
  1. Professionals need to be able to function and communicate effectively as a member of a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds. What are some of the challenges involved in establishing and maintaining effective communication on this type of cross-cultural team?


Sincerely the experience so far within the project has been really exciting, because the opportunities through the exchange of cultural experiences is really enriching, however some of the most important challenges that can be identified, focus on the form and communication tools, since although it is possible to share a common language, the understanding of some words, phrases and accents is sometimes a little more confusing than normal.


On the other hand, virtual reality has been equally detrimental in terms of inefficiency during communication, since many times the Internet is slow or sometimes there can be a constant interruption, which does not allow the conversation to take place properly.


Finally, one of the most important challenges is based on the communicative and collaborative culture that each country has, because although it is possible that the language is shared, most of the time it is not enough because we find different ways of interpreting time, the same communication, friendship and much of the culture of communication that characterizes each country, so it is important to respect and empathy that allows us to better communicate within the teams so that they can get to know each other properly and do a good job.


  1. What new perspectives are you learning about global business?


Above all, that all participants from different countries can collaborate together providing a new perspective of the problem, allowing everyone in global business to generate new ideas for solutions that are also oriented to a better understanding of different cultures, since the reason is based on the fact that many times businesses need to adapt adequately to new cultures, considering a study of the behaviors of the cultures as well as their different preferences.


Continuing with the above mentioned, something quite interesting that I have been able to learn in these days which pleased me a lot, is the reality of the experience of developing an international case with perspectives from different countries, because this allows us to also increase our soft and hard skills in relation to international culture in addition to complement with the improvement of the international language and the different ways of communicating to beyond generating a project, also seek a friendship so that interpersonal relationships can thrive properly for the development of the common good.

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