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Blog Post 3 - "Knowing each other"

MAY 24th, 2021

Edwin Condori
  1. What is challenging about working cross-culturally in a virtual setting? What are the positives?


One of the initial challenges that I think we all face during the beginning of the project is based on the different ways to build a project and in itself to start a new team that meets for the first time, since the understanding of certain tasks can be varied depending on the culture, an interesting example was the beginning of the project where Latin American students usually seek a little more to know each other and know about our lives, after that we just started with the project; however that varies from culture to culture given a greater objectivism for the completion of the project by other cultures.


In that sense the virtuality can and can not help, since it can allow us to know each other from the comfort of our home and share many personal experiences, additionally as one of the best positive aspects is in the possibility of meeting with many countries and enjoy virtual learning in addition to share a lot of time in improving communication and trust within the teams; finally something really important and positive that I enjoy is to talk together for a long time between many cultures laugh, tell anecdotes and invite each other to meet in our respective countries.


  1. How are you actively building trust with your teammates and your client when some may not be from your home culture?


With Teammates:

It has really been an incredible experience and at the same time challenging, given that many times it was a little difficult to talk a little about us and get to know each other because of the cultural gaps, this detail complicated the work of the project and above all to understand each other with the messages and how we develop our confidence, but as every effort has an objective that is fulfilled with its constant work, this week has really been fantastic we have achieved in general a greater communication in the team to be calmer about the project, to achieve understanding and above all to trust each of us so that the solution and the exposure can be clear and concise.


With Client:

So far we have had 3 contacts with the client, which have given us a really relevant experience especially for the acquisition of data and understanding of the problem, before that understanding the problem and talking with the client has generated greater confidence. Given that one of the points that I most rescue is above all a constant follow-up by the mentors to communicate properly with the client and generate confidence in reason to share the ideas of solutions directly and receive feedback.


 3. As an individual on a team, how are you prioritizing and expressing your recommendations during the upcoming “Advocacy” phase of case consultation?


Also based on communication and trust as an essential part of the work within the team, currently the work we develop is based mainly on sharing our experiences and knowledge in certain areas where we have a greater handling of the topic, that is to say that each team member can develop a part of the structure of the case and then share with everyone so that we also complement with our opinion and thus create much more shared ideas and with a value of culture of many countries that also allows us to have a greater vision of solutions.


On a personal level, this last week has been great because I learned to share my ideas and above all that others can complement them and above all that it feels that we all agree with the work in the team and that the solutions provided are a result of teamwork.


Amazing team … !!!


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