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Blog Post 4 - "I´m totally Happy"

MAY 31th, 2021

Edwin Condori

Thousands and infinite thanks, after 1 month of constant work during many hours of mentoring, team classes, cultural workshops and many more, I feel enormously happy to have met this exciting program, emphasizing the enormous effort of both organizations to support the Latin American community and above all to seek a multicultural learning that is so important today.


Thank you very much Pitt and Campus B!

In that sense throughout the whole experience being part of this program one of the skills and lessons learned that has marked me the most is based mainly on the development of soft skills such as teamwork, assertive communication, intercultural connection and empathy, since being part of a program that connects you with 3 countries other than your own (Brazil, United States and Colombia), gives you the enormous opportunity to be part of a globalized world with perspectives very different from those of your country of origin, in this way through the workshops provided by Professor Skip and Professor Nagai, have been key to achieve a cohesion of cultures.


On the other hand, also relating communication as a key aspect of the projects, I loved and helped me a lot the practice of the English language, highlighting some initial fears that I had had for not being a native in the language and feel dissatisfied with my performance in the language, however I am very happy to say that all my team gave me the necessary security to advance daily and improve my expression in the language being increasingly much more consistent and understandable communication.


In this way, I would also like to highlight the importance of sharing this experience so that new students and young people can take it, given that one of the transferable skills that I find very important is the generation of trust, whether with a new work team or with a client, because trust gives you the ability to believe in that person 100% and give them the security that the work will be well done, therefore it is important all the initial contacts you may have, so that in this way you feel an atmosphere of trust, with clarity, responsibility, respect and above all with friendship, I feel key points of the initial trust.


Before concluding, I would love to comment on the excellence of the project to provide a very complete program for all students and young people eager to know the world and to be part of a globalized program, which will not only provide you with analytical tools of development cases, but will also give you a multicultural perspective with different countries, being part of a small experience in each workshop meeting more people, more companies and seeing new business ideas or strategies that can be replicated and involved in them for a better development in the future within your country or internationally, rescuing the focus on the development of the good of society and not only the generation of profitability.


Finally, once again express my complete gratitude to both institutions for having shared this beautiful and wonderful international experience, allowing me to develop as a professional and as a person, meet new friends, new cultures, new teachers, new languages and much more, recognizing the enormous effort for each session and that each one is as great as the other, I am very happy to have been part of this project and finally show my complete future willingness to continue collaborating in similar projects and encouraging new young people to be part of the Plus3 Global Project.

And I end with a very special greeting in my native Peruvian language “Quechua” “T’ikarisun”, we will grow together.


Huge greetings from Arequipa – Peru and you will always be welcome in Peru.

Edwin Eddy Johan Machaca Condori

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