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"Life and dreams"

MAY 5th, 2021

Eric Bortoncello

My name is Eric Bortoncello, I am 18 years old and I live in Brazil. Since I started high school, I decided to study economics, because my biggest hobbies were talking about the economic history of the countries, studies of economists and finance topics.  My other dream is to study and work abroad, but at high school I lived in a small city and it was hard to connect with people that wanted the same dreams.

However, I decided nowadays to make my dreams come true. Working as a financial advisor and studying economics at Insper my contact with big dreamers is better, so things got easier to start again my path through studying and working abroad. At this stage of my life, I also developed a bigger passion about entrepreneurship, business and leadership, so I am enrolling in different experiences to learn and explore opportunities possible.

In conclusion I am very anxious to start this program to meet new people around the world, to know their dreams and to have a big learning experience with them. I also want to work hard at this program aiming to solve the company’s problem and learn a lot with this challenge.

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