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Blog Post 2 - "Empathy and cultural differences"

MAY 18th, 2021

Eric Bortoncello

First thing I thought when the program started was that communicating with people at my city is hard, because of different backgrounds and values, imagine with students from around the world and with bigger differences. Even though I thought it would be impossible, I realized that when everyone is willing to understand, help and have empathy with others this scenario can be possible and be an awesome experience.


Additionally, first step to turn this interaction possible is understanding that as a team everyone needs to work hard aiming to solve the problems and evolve at the challenge. Second step is to help each other with language barriers, because judging other by this simple problem can destroy all the other possibilities of discoveries and learnings. Finally, focus on the best parts of your teammates and recognize it to them instead of judging their differences, certainly will let you learn a lot about their life, cultures and studies.


Although in the beginning of the program I recognized on my self some errors of judgements because of working with cross-cultural teams, such as judging cultural differences, lack of trust on others works and difficulties to approximate teammates, it all changed with time. Consequently, when I developed these steps to interact, have empathy and understanding, construction of the team changed a lot, such as improvement of conversations, working and empathy.


In conclusion, at this stage of the program I have been learning that doing global business can be hard as interacting on cross-cultural teams, but it is possible and there are more people willing to make these interactions possible than I thought in the beginning of the Plus 3 Global Program. Changing my path of judging to having empathy and understanding got me so many learnings and I wish everyone could have the same opportunity in their lives.

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