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Blog Post 4

MAY 31th, 2021

Eric Bortoncello
  1. What are the key lessons that you learned throughout the experience? Reflect on how the elements of business culture (communication, relationship-building, for example) impacted your work on the project.


Being a group that are made of people doing business all around the world helps to discover new tecniques and topics on business. So we used to analyze the company topics such as the KPIs that helped us to see if the company was doing a good analysis of their employees. Also we used topics of branding and user experience.


  1. Provide an example of a transferrable skill developed during this course despite not being able to travel to meet your client. How is that skill important in your future professional life?


When working with cross cultural teams I learned that creating great relationships from the begining of the Project, because it helps on all the development of the tasks and objectives.


  1. How would you explain this project in a professional interview? How are you going to pitch this experience?


It was an experience that I learned to work with cross-cultural teams and analyse companies for Consulting. Also my group did a really good job winning the best presentation by the company we helped.

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