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Blog Post 2

MAY 18th, 2021

Gabriel Brina

The opportunity to meet and collaborate with different people across different university, countries and time zones is a rare one and presents multiple opportunities. It’s a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and grow through embracing change. Change of horizons, change of perspectives. Constructing dialogue across different points of view and backgrounds.


Being the Brazilian in the consulting group for a Brazilian company poses the difficult task of translating what is the company needs across our team. It is interesting to see how even across Latin America things can vary a lot, such as countries health offering structure. It’s very important to balance speaking as the “truth owner” for the team but also embracing different ideas that could disrupt the local market.


For example, to be able to function and communicate effectively as a member of a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds, we need to constantly evaluate through what filters we are speaking from. For example, in addition from the different countries, I am the only person from the group who is from an Engineering major. It gives me a great opportunity to talk from a different perspective, but I also have to balance it, so I don’t monopolize the dialogue and turn it into a “techy” type of discussion.


One of the hidden benefits of a multicultural team is the fresh perspective every individual has the possibility of shining the light on. I had the opportunity to experience this time and time again in university’s projects, collaborating with Brazilians from all across the country. With a multinational group, the possibilities are even greater, as the different “ingredients” from each person’s background vary even tenfold.             


That said, it is important to establish a good communication channel and trust that we can talk about particular limitations that we have. For example, most of the members of our groups have other extra-curricular activities, work, or other projects. It is important to balance expectations, since, for example, Brazil and Colombia students have not finished their study terms. To know how much were able to contribute to the group and communicate that effectively is a skill to be developed, to keep each other accountable with the group.  It is also important to get to know each individual as a person, not only as a part of the group. Knowing that everybody has limits, difficulties and lack of knowledge in some particular areas is important. It is also really interesting to get to know how each member of my group likes to spend his or her free time. Netflix now apparently is one of those things that unites people across a continent, not only gardening or playing sports.


Finally, I am having the opportunity to learn new perspectives about global business, given all my colleagues are from a different country. It has been a long time since I had this opportunity to contribute to such a diverse team. It is interesting to know that even though culture is quite different and our backgrounds, when thinking about businesses, some of the objectives are the same. One of the things that everywhere in the world is the same is that companies strive for profit, companies strive for expansion (mostly) and companies strive for great products and services. Uniting these three objectives, multicultural teams can think about these problems in a variety of ways.


I can not wait for this project to continue to unfold and show what new skills and opportunities will present themselves. It is a rare opportunity and through engaging in the consulting project, it’s possible to contribute to Senior Concierge and develop professionally.

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