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Blog Post 4

MAY 31th, 2021

Gabriel Brina

Key lessons from this project involved the need for speed in today’s world. Projects are fast and we need to get things going. We moved from theory to practice by developing transferable and consulting skills toward solving the issues. It was an experiential learning opportunity through this international project.


This project course allowed me to apply classroom lectures and meeting with the global companies to Senior Concierge, the real-world client. I learned about how to utilize consulting principles and strategies to address Marcia’s needs and issues to deliver strong, implementable solutions for their company, to implement the Spin Care solution with quality. I worked directly with the American students and a Colombian one. We addressed the needs of Senior Concierge working on their global health issues, with a focus on social, economic, technological, and cultural considerations, as well as the home care market in Brazil.


In general, international project management is becoming increasingly important in today’s global business world where businesses are continuing to expand into new countries and markets, either to increase their market share or to reduce costs by utilizing more efficient resources found in other countries. International project management requires unique tools and techniques to give international projects greater chances of success.


Thinking about all of the skills I developed during this program, I can think about this specific ones: Adaptability is a necessary skill that global workers need to master in order to be successful. With the increasing speed of projects, such as this one, a skilled global worker must be able to adapt to new tools, new market dynamics and more. Strategy: to achieve the desirable result on the project success in today’s climate, we must consider the bigger picture. This includes skills in business analysis, change management, risk management, culture analysis and more. Empowering the team: great leadership is an essential skill to be a good team member, not only the leader. A good member can lead the team; set the vision, motivate the team, serve them and inspire others.


Talking about this opportunity in a job interview, I would emphasize the opportunity I had to connect the dots across all these weeks with people from different countries and nationalities. It was important to broaden my perspective about how difficult it can be to get your points across the team with the different time zones and different nationalities. It was also an important opportunity to explain different aspects of doing business in Brazil for the group, so they would be able to connect the dots to the solution we designed.

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