Service Learning Program

Global Service
Learning Program 2024

Brazil (various locations)

One week in-person program - March 2024

Ready to learn about making a difference?

This program will allow students to work at a Brazilian NGO in order to meet real needs in the community by applying their skills to solve and mitigate complex problems. Students will have access to an immersive experience working at a local organization, learning more about how the issues that the organization addresses affect the world and working hand-in-hand with the organization to contribute to this mission.

Program Overview

The program will have three main components:


Part 1: Pre-Departure Orientation

We will host a virtual meeting prior to students’ departure in order to introduce students to the NGO and its work as well as the activities planned for the students during the service learning week

Part 2: Service Learning Program

Students will spend the week working with local community members at the host NGO on a project proposed and facilitated by the organization.

Part 3: Cultural Encounters

Students will have the opportunity to participate in two different cultural activities to gain exposure to and knowledge about Brazilian culture, history, and social dynamics.

For who?

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in a university or college 


Possible NGO Placements:

The Sinal do Vale Institute, also known as SINAL, is a center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities and individuals, as well as a learning and demonstration campus in the Atlantic Rainforest near Rio de Janeiro.

Through projects involving reforestation, land stewardship, the bioeconomy, and waste management, SINAL is able to teach skills that people need to make positive changes together in uncertain times. Their commitment to both personal development and concrete action is meant to serve as a reference for holistic models of development. Students who are placed here could have the chance to work on projects related to reforestation, food processing, ecotourism, sustainable education, and/or waste management.

Litro de Luz is an international organization that operates in more than 15 countries, working to use solar energy technology to make light and electricity available to people and regions that do not have access.

They use their own social development methodology that involves mobilizing volunteers, mapping communities, understanding needs, and training residents to install, replicate, and maintain technology. In Brazil, Litro de Luz works with approximately 200 volunteers distributed throughout the five regions of the country, which has allowed them to directly impact more than 23,000 people in rural, indigenous, riverine, quilombola, and urban communities across the country.



Brazil is the fifth largest nation in the world and the largest country in South America, accounting for one-third of Latin America’s population. Long known for the natural wonders of Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon Rainforest, as well as a vibrant culture that prizes hospitality and respect for others, Brazil has emerged as a powerful economic force in Latin America. Fueled by decades of healthy economic growth, Brazil became one of the four original BRIC countries and one of the largest economies of the world.

We will open the applications to participate in the 2024 program in the fall of 2023.

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