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international education
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We are an organization specialized in international education that believes that learning should not be limited to classroom walls or geographical boundaries.

We believe that the key to transforming the world is through education. Quality education that is practical, understandable and accessible to all.

That is why we have developed experiential learning programs, which encourage learners to connect with the environment and people outside their usual surroundings.

This connection will result in rich and impactful learning in various aspects of your life and that of others involved in the program.


Global Learning Programs

Campus b has been offering top-notch international education experiences since 2010. Over 4,500 learners from over 85 universities have already been part of our experiential learning programs.

To lifelong learners: graduate, undergraduate, MBA students and professionals

On-site, Virtual and Hybryd Programs

From a few days to a whole semester experience


How we do it

We work with customized programs with many different varieties. Not a single program is the same as the other.


We help you define the best learning objectives for your program, according to what you want the participants to gain from this experience.


Company visits, academic lectures, project-based learning… we help you choose which elements will compose your educational experience according to your learning objectives.


From visits, transport and local support, we structure your entire experience.

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Educational programs
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Students from all over the globe

About us

Since 2010 we have been the connecting element that promotes and sustains a global network of students, teachers, educational institutions, companies, problems, solutions, questions and answers.

We understand that it is our mission to develop international education programs that are inclusive and meaningful to society,  offering Universities the opportunity to fill this invisible gap in the curriculum through international experiential learning.

Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to develop a real vision on pressing global issues, a turning point experience that will create new frames of reference and the motivation to make our future greater than we imagined and, the world, a better place.

They trust in our purpose

And are part of our history.

A certified B Corp

As a company committed to act with a positive purpose, we are a B Corp.

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to go beyond

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