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MAY 5th, 2021

Jhair Herrera

Hi, my name is Jhair Diaz Herrera, i’m 19 years old, i’m from Chiclayo – Perú, i started my university career when i was 15 in a pre-university center at the Señor de Sipán University, i really love technological things like computers, cellphones and others, i really like see how they are assembled, how it’s components works. Thats why my first career was System Engineering, there i was learning how to program algorithms or basic apps but i didnt really like that, i wanted to study about hardware not software but in my university when you study System Engineering, you’ll always learn how to program and not about hardware.


Then i changed my career to International Bussiness, because i also like administration and international exchanges, now i’m at the middle of the career and i really like it.


Since i was a kid i always liked languages and that’s why i can speak english but im always learning something different and my personal goal is to know at least 3 languages apart of my native one.

I applied to this program cause i think it could be a great opportunity for me to start my international career because i want to make an exchange to another country in the next year or maybe 2 years to study a semester abroad and both could be great for my future jobs and experiences.


I think this program can also help me to improve my english skill by communicating with native people and learning about them.


I’m really thankful to be part of this program and i hope we would be a great team. Thanks

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