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Blog Post 2

MAY 18th, 2021

Jhair Herrera

Communication with people from different cultures:


Communicating with people from another country can be a challenge, especially when you have a lot of diversity in your team, in my case there are Colombians, Brazilians, Peruvians and Americans so we have to communicate in English, it is easier for us to share our ideas about the case we are having and how to improve it.


Each of us has a role and we are doing quite well, we have confidence in each other to say what we think is wrong or what we can improve, so it has been incredible for me to have this team.

Everybody has presented themselves and now we know a little bit more about their lives, their achievements, their culture and about their goals.


What new perspectives are you learning about global business?


I think i’m learning a lot of global business in this program, they are teaching us about american, colombian, brazilians way to make business and its very interesting and helpful for me since i study international business and i really like it. Every country has their particular way to make it easier or better, it can depend on the confidence or the formal method.


I think that after this program i’ll have a bigger point of view about business and that will be helpful for my future.

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