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Blog Post 3

MAY 24th, 2021

Jhair Herrera

1 – What is challenging about working cross-culturally in a virtual setting? What are the positives?


I think one of the challenges we had was the time zone, everyone has their personal appointments and meetings so we had to try to make a space between them to meet together but we did great, we have a good chemistry between us and are comfortable, we trust in each of our ideas and what can we improve on the project.


Being in a virtual environment makes it easier to communicate with each other because we don’t need to meet in person even in this hard moment which is the pandemic.


2 – How are you actively building trust with our teammates and your client when some may not be from your home culture?


At the very beginning we were a little bit shy with communication but with time, having more communication in our personal meetings we achieved trusting each other’s ideas and we got to know more about our cultural differences. One of our teammates is from Brazil, so he explained to us a lot about Brazilian’s culture and how we can do business with them.


3-    As an individual on a team, how are you prioritizing and expressing your recommendations during the upcoming “Advocacy” phase of case consultation?


Everyone in the group has their own role so we always give our ideas or recommendations and the others say their opinion about them, if they think they are good or if we can improve something.

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