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Blog Post 2

MAY 18th, 2021

Jhoan Rivera
  1. Professionals need to be able to function and communicate effectively as a member of a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds. What are some of the challenges involved in establishing and maintaining effective communication on this type of cross-cultural team?


One of the hardest challenges to face working in a cross-cultural environment as a Colombian in my opinion is to accurately understand when native english speakers talk. Although I regard myself as having a pretty good English level, for me is easier to understand a lecture or a presentation when just one person is talking about a given topic or idea than in group sessions when people of different accents might use a variety of idioms/expressions and speak in a less organized way as is common in a brainstorming activity, for instance. To be honest, that is the toughest challenge I could think about.


There are other less difficult challenges such as identify people’s talents to assign roles or set a schedule for meetings that fits into everyone’s agenda but in my opinion the understanding of the language in informal situations is the hardest part.


  1. What new perspectives are you learning about global business?


  1. Early in the program, I realized the importance of being able to bear with change and being willing to adapt myself to whatever new challenge that might come. Particularly I’m talking about the moment I discovered that the project was gonna be about the implementation of software for a health care company specializing in the elderly, ‘cause until then I didn’t know anything about the technology industry, let alone the elderly care one. So I’ve been adapting myself for this new task since then.
  2. I also noticed the wide variety of topics that get interlinked in the business field; a corporate issue has implications in the law, marketing, and even technology field, just to name some.
  3. Lastly, thanks to this experience I’ve been enhancing my active listening skills, because I came to realize the importance of deep understanding the ideas that people (in this case the client) try to express; not just superficially get the words, but truly get the message out of the sentences.
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