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Blog Post 4

MAY 31th, 2021

Jhoan Rivera

1. What are the key lessons that you learned throughout the experience? Reflect on how the elements of business culture (communication, relationship-building, for example) impacted your work on the project.


The most valuable thing that I experienced throughout the program was the opportunity to work in a real-life corporate problem, with people of different countries in a foreign language. I think the program was designed to be very close to a real-life situation and that was the best part of it. I got to know different people, and along with it learn about them all the way ‘till the end of the program. I also had a lot of fun, so it was all time well spent.


The better (professional) lessons I got were from the lectures with professors Nagai and Skip; those lectures were much more interesting and engaging than any of the classes I have at the university. That is because all the teachings and the lessons were enforced in a real problem. I think this is what’s missing, at least in the Colombian education system: To stop thinking about abstractions and theoretical subjects and start thinking about how to apply all the knowledge available to resolve problems in real life; It’s much more important to know how to apply the theories that are already developed, than to produce new ones, at least in the business field. Otherwise, you end up with Ph.D. in finance but drawn in dept (I’ve seen some cases)


2. Provide an example of a transferrable skill developed during this course despite not being able to travel to meet your client. How is that skill important in your future professional life?


In this program, for the first time in my life, I could use the English language in a professional situation. I had done some courses online, and read some books, but never anything like a full project with a team, and client and mentors and all that stuff. Was the first time I could share ideas with people of different countries with a foreign language. Before this, I had used the language to consume content and in my current job in a call center, but never in a professional/academic environment or a 15 minutes presentation, for instance.


So I think that is the most transferable skill I got out of this program: Be able to communicate and understand academic ideas in English. That will help me a lot in the future, for example when I start my postgraduate studies because I want to get a specialization in finance, abroad in an anglo-speaking country


3. How would you explain this project in a professional interview? How are you going to pitch this experience?


I would start by explaining the general, like the time frame, the general logistics, the countries of the participants, and the language. Then I would go into details about what the task was; maybe I’d say something like this: “we were supposed to advise a Brazilian healthcare company on how to implement a software to resolve some operational issues”


In the end, as the most important thing, I’d highlight how this project helped me in my professional development

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