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MAY 5th, 2021

Pedro Côrtes

My name is Pedro Augusto Côrtes, 27 years old,  born and raised in Ouro Preto, Brazil. I currently live with my older sister and her 3 cats.

Unfortunately, I took so long to discover what I’m passionate about, so I did three and a half years of engineering which I quit in 2017 because it’s not what I like. While I was doing engineering, I lived in a Republica (student residence) where me and my 13 roommates used to do, every semester, a big party, for almost 3000 people or more, which I discovered my passion for finance and business.

Today, I’m in the last year to take my accounting sciences degree at Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais, so I’m using that time to take all opportunities to improve my skill. For that, I’ve participated in another Campus b project, in partnership with University of Illinois and Ambev, which my team won the case competition and I’m currently an intern in an accountant office.

In my free time, I play League of Legends, which I’m not good at all, and watch movies and TV shows.

I decided to participate in this program to improve my english skills, my business presentations and, hopefully, improve my terrible spanish too and perhaps, someday, I can get a good job in a international institution and live abroad. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I look forward to knowing more and more about the project and other cultures.

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