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MAY 18th, 2021

Pedro Côrtes
  1. Professionals need to be able to function and communicate effectively as a member of a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds. What are some of the challenges involved in establishing and maintaining effective communication on this type of cross-cultural team?


Due to movies, TV shows and other things, my listening american english skills are in a good level so it’s easy to understand lectures and presentations but about the writing and speaking, my english is very rusty so it’s kind of hard to give new ideas and insights, especially because I get anxious and insecure when talking and I might start to gaggle hahahahaha

Knowing exactly what to say and maintaining the low context conversation is very important to not be misunderstood and that’s hard sometimes.

Another challenge is to schedule meeting time because of the time zone difference


  1. What new perspectives are you learning about global business?


It is important to adapt a few things like time and the way of talking so it can be more useful to the whole team.


A practical business project can be rough, especially when I’m not used to the theme. I’m an accounting student and the project is about an implementation of a software in a healthcare business which is far from my comfort knowledge so, let’s get away from the comfort zone.


Global business is amazing so I’m starting to understand more and more about other cultures and that’s just amazing, especially because I want to live abroad and having an international university recognition might make things easier. The fast way that the project is conducted, we only have a month, makes things go crazy and thrilling because everyday has new information and we have to do things with it.


I’m learning to breathe, not get anxious and trust more in myself while trying to deal with all that information out of my comfort zone and my rusty english.

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