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Blog Post 3

MAY 24th, 2021

Pedro Côrtes

1 – What is challenging about working cross-culturally in a virtual setting? What are the positives?


Since nobody knows anyone from the other country, the meeting at the beginning of the project might be a little bit boring but, in the end, the group starts to engage and really understand each other and how we are in the same boat  and the commitment starts and some smiles and cheap chat come along.


So the first challenging thing is the patience to start a relationship, unlike not virtual relations, and understanding of each other and the positives are to know someone new, which I really like, and see the English and the knowledge of other cultures being upgraded through time.


2 – How are you actively building trust with your teammates and your client when some may not be from your home culture?


I think that by paying attention to the lectures and being all on the same page is enough to have the trust of them but to build a good relationship with that trust is a little bit more difficult due the short time and the few meetings. Through the process and being on the same page with the same objective, the trust will come eventually. All needed is to rely on yourself, be useful to your group and have patience so they can rely on you.


About the company, the trust comes with hard work. If the company sees that you are willing to go after the objectives and do a good job, the trust will come. For that, you just need to be participative by questioning the doubts that you have and listening to feedback to improve yourself and the presentation.

An amazing quote by Professor Skip is: “lead with the heart and follow with the head”. That way, the team and the company will be on the same page.


3 – As an individual on a team, how are you prioritizing and expressing your recommendations during the upcoming “Advocacy” phase of case consultation?


Like I said, the trust will come eventually just by keeping the engagement on the objective. By brainstorming and having new ideas, you just have to be yourself and understand when an idea is better than yours.


Everybody in the team is a student and has different points of view and experiences in life so, you need to know what you are good at and how you can give contribution to the whole team so they rely on you by doing a good work.

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