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Blog Post 4

MAY 31th, 2021

Pedro Côrtes

I have learned so much during the entire experience. First of all about how different backgrounds make different ideas and, when you are in a multicultural program, those backgrounds are even far away from each other’s thoughts and that makes brainstorming amazing.


During the experience , I saw how important soft skills are for consulting so I needed to think outside the box. Although, presenting something is easier when you have more knowledge about it, so you need to notice the knowledge area of each member of the group so we can divide the presentation.


This opportunity was amazing and all happens very fast so time management is very important and everything goes better and faster when the entire group feels comfortable. So, it takes some time to know and enjoy each other’s company and then see how easier it is to be on the same page by having a good time.


The fact of not being able to travel to meet the client and the team makes communication even more important and the limited time and the few meetings makes everything rush.

Therefore, the skill that is important is the strategy to approach a business and how much a good communication makes it simpler to have it all well planned and executed, so you can know exactly what everybody wants.


Another thing that I’ll take for my personal life is Professor Skip’s quote: “lead with the heart and follow with the head”.


Explaining this entire project, especially in an interview, is not an easy thing because a lot happens in just a month but I would start by talking about the people involved which are students from Peru, Colombia, Brazil and students from University of Pittsburgh divided in multicultural teams. My team was Students United and i was very glad to be part of it.


The teams were supposed to consult a Brazilian healthcare company called Senior Concierge that was integrating SpinCare software to their operation.


During the project we had daily meetings with lectures about business, culture by University of Pittsburgh professors and professors that Campus b invited.


It was an amazing opportunity that a learned a lot of other cultures and how communication is important to have everything clear and understood.


Lastly, I want to say thank you for the ones who are reading this and a special thank you to all the professors for the lectures, Campus b staff for the patience and the amazing support, and to Students United to make this experience amazing.

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