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Obtaining or reinforcing the values ​​that are necessary for personal growth and the forging of a productive individual for society, values ​​such as commitment…..Read More

I have learned a lot of interesting stuff throughout Campus B and University of Pittsburgh experience. Firstly, and particularly the most important, I was amazed how people are different from me, how they think different…. Read More

Thousands and infinite thanks, after 1 month of constant work during many hours of mentoring, team classes, cultural workshops and many more, I feel enormously happy to have met this exciting program, emphasizing the enormous effort … Read More

The most valuable thing that I experienced throughout the program was the opportunity to work in a real-life corporate problem, with people of different countries in a foreign language…Read More

I have learned so much during the entire experience. First of all about how different backgrounds make different ideas and, when you are in a multicultural program, those backgrounds are even far… Read More

Key lessons from this project involved the need for speed in today’s world. Projects are fast and we need to get things going. We moved from theory to practice by developing transferable and consulting skills toward solving … Read More

Throughout this experience I’ve only had continuous learning, taking into account the fact of sharing work teams with people from different parts of the world made this experience…Read More

As I expressed on my last blog prompt, coffee is my daily bread. I can recall the specific moment when I saw on my university´s Instagram a post about Plus3 Global Projects; I was having a cup of coffee because I had just come out of an exam … Read More

Being a group that are made of people doing business all around the world helps to discover new tecniques and topics on business. So we used to analyze the company topics such as the KPIs that helped us to see if the company  … Read More


Working on this project has meant a great challenge in my professional and personal life, meeting new people from different cultures has been a great learning experience in every way….Read More

I think one of the greatest challenges is the meeting time outside the global meeting. Since we are in different countries and everyone has other appointments… Read More

One of the initial challenges that I think we all face during the beginning of the project is based on the different ways to build a project and in itself to start a new team that meets for the first time … Read More

In my opinion, work in a cross-cultural setting is a very interesting experience, because you can get different perspectives about the same issue….Read More

Since nobody knows anyone from the other country, the meeting at the beginning of the project might be a little bit boring but, in the end, the group … Read More

I think one of the challenges we had was the time zone, everyone has their personal appointments and meetings so we had to try to make a space between them to meet together but … Read More

This experience has had many interesting things, the fact that we are in different countries and it will never be the same to have this type of experience in person, than having it in a virtual setting …Read More

   Coffee is one of the very best drinks in the world; I really enjoy tasting, preparing and smelling it at mornings, right after I am done working out. One of the things that have amazed me the most is that I am not the only one with that perception … Read More

There are a lot of challenges when we work with multicultural projects in a virtual setting, how the “value” issue is treated and especially how the “value” is seen by the independent parties and how to relate this challenge to benefit management… Read More


In my team we are all from different countries, one of the challenges has been the differences in the time zone, but we have been able to coincide in the meetings…Read More

Definitely, there is a communication issue between people from different countries. I do believe that the first challenge is the way each member of the group thinks… Read More

Sincerely the experience so far within the project has been really exciting, because the opportunities through the exchange of cultural experiences is really enriching … Read More

First thing I thought when the program started was that communicating with people at my city is hard, because of different backgrounds and values, imagine with students from around the world and with bigger differences…Read More

The opportunity to meet and collaborate with different people across different university, countries and time zones is a rare one and presents multiple opportunities … Read More

When you are in high school, there are many essays to be handled in. Those papers are certainly not an easy task, actually, the process of delivery can be very exhausting … Read More

One of the hardest challenges to face working in a cross-cultural environment as a Colombian in my opinion is to accurately understand when native english speakers talk….Read More

Due to movies, TV shows and other things, my listening american english skills are in a good level so it’s easy to understand lectures and presentations but about the writing and speaking … Read More

Communicating with people from another country can be a challenge, especially when you have a lot of diversity in your team, in my case there are Colombians, Brazilians, Peruvians … Read More

It is important for professionals to be able to function and communicate effectively as a member of a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds. …Read More


My name is Dayanna Gordon Bustamante, born and raised in Cartagena-Colombia and I am 25 years old. In my free time I like to…Read More

Hi, my name is Arthur José da Silveira Sathler, I am 21 years old, I am Brazilian and I was born in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais. Today, I am… Read More

Hello, it is really a pleasure to meet you and be part of this exciting experience; my name is Edwin Eddy Johan Machaca Condori, I am 21 years old, I was born in the region of Puno in Peru, I am currently … Read More

My name is Eric Bortoncello, I am 18 years old and I live in Brazil. Since I started high school, I decided to study economics, because my biggest hobbies were talking about the economic history of the countries…Read More

Hello, everybody! My name is Gabriel Brina and I am 25 years old. I currently live in the city of Itaguara, in the state of  Minas Gerais. I study Industrial/Production Engineering at … Read More

 Writing has always been one of my favorite things to do. When I was younger, I would read all of the articles that my father had in his bedroom about various subjects and that made me a very curious guy ––it is worth noting the fact that I did … Read More

Hi, my name is Jhoan Rivera Quiroga, raised and born in Colombia. I am also a finance and International Trade student, passionate about economics and finance; in fact, I am one of the few people -at least in my university…Read More

My name is Pedro Augusto Côrtes, 27 years old,  born and raised in Ouro Preto, Brazil. I currently live with my older sister and her 3 cat. Unfortunately, I took so long to discover what I’m passionate about, so I … Read More

Hi, my name is Jhair Diaz Herrera, i’m 19 years old, i’m from Chiclayo – Perú, i started my university career when i was 15 in a pre-university center at the Señor de Sipán University, i really love technological things like computers … Read More

My name is Valeria Gonzalez Soto, I’m  21 years old, and I’m proudly from Cartagena, Colombia, now I’m in my last semester of international business and finances at Universidad tecnológica de bolívar. I’m a passionate person, committed with …Read More

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