Summer Internship
Program 2022

São Paulo, Brazil │ May 30th – July 21st, 2022*
*Optional on-site week - July 23th - 31th, 2022
DEADLINE: April 18th, 2022
Early-bird Deadline - March 24th, 2022

Ready for your next challenge?

Campus B is now offering a summer internship program and experiential learning in a structured online working format so students can continue to make progress toward their academic and professional goals, while also gaining a global perspective and developing interpersonal skills interacting with Brazilian students.

Interns will have the opportunity to work in team-based projects alongside local students and experienced professionals in renowned organizations. The projects are based on current challenges faced by Brazilian companies and organizations, and students will have clear deliverables and experience real professional and personal development.



The 8-week program will be a four-part experience: team-based internship projects; mentoring sessions led by local professors, orienting students on concepts and culture; cross-cultural engagement and closing the learning journey, reflections about the program learning outcomes.



Complete the application form and Deposit payment ($200)*

Deadline: April 1st

*Deposit/App fee will be deducted from the total amount upon the payment of the remaining balance 


Submission of Application Documents (CV & Cover Letter)

Deadline: April 5th


Project selection; Group assignment; Payment of the remaining balance

Deadline: May 16th


Final instructions and Pre-orientation

Deadline: May 26th



Undergraduate students* 

The projects are usually multidisciplinary. Projects normally have a better fit for students of Engineering, Business, Communication and correlated areas, however, everyone willing to learn and contribute to an international project is welcome.


Online meetings once a week with the company/organization; academic mentorship by a Brazilian professor; weekly meetups with the Campus B program coordinators for cultural sessions and program tracking.


USD 990*

($ 200 deposit +  payment balance)


*USD 790 Early-bird for students completing the registration and deposit by March 10th, 2022

**Please note that Payment Via Credit Card Stripe Platform will be add a 3.9% tax to cover each transaction cost.

Optional on-site week:


July 23th – 31th, 2022

How about spending a week experiencing Brazil at the end of your internship project?

Campus b is offering you the possibility to end your learning journey in person, coming to Brazil and having the chance to meet your Brazilian colleagues and Internship supervisors, as well as visit the most famous tourist spots in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro!

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SÃO PAULO - 23 a 28/07/22

  • 5 nights of accommodation in a hostel, in double occupancy rooms, respecting gender identities;
  • Campus b coordinator available 24/7;
  • Cultural tour;
  • Entrance ticket to Soccer Museum;
  • Entrance ticket to Farol Santander;
  • Capoeira Workshop;
  • Lunch at Municipal Market;
  • Entrance fee to samba club;
  • Welcome dinner;
  • Project debrief session with Academic Mentor;
  • 1 airport pick-up and drop-off;
  • Private transportation for the cultural activities;
  • Private transportation for 1-day immersion at the company;
  • Private transportation for Campus b Hub
  • Taxes

RIO DE JANEIRO - 28 a 31/07/22

  • 3 nights of accommodation in a 3-star hotel, in double occupancy rooms, respecting gender identities; 
  • Flight ticket São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro (one way)
  • Campus b coordinator available 24/7;
  • Entrance ticket to Christ the Redeemer;
  • Entrance ticket to Sugar Loaf;
  • Cultural tour;
  • 1 airport pick-up and drop-off;
  • Private transportation for the cultural activities;
  • Taxes

Interested in being a part of this summer program?

You will be redirected to a questionnaire that we request you to fill out to start your application process.

Got any questions? Please use the form below

and we will contact you soon. 

You can also contact!


Most frequent questions and answers

The program works as a team-based internship experience and you will be working on a real project from a Brazilian company. You will have a central project to work on with your team and to support it, there will be weekly meetings with the company representative (it can be the company manager, CEO etc.) and academic/cultural sessions. There will also be an academic supervisor to help you with mentoring sessions and the Campus b team.  

The program has a total of workload of 110h divided in: 

96h Internship project (company meetings + asynchronous project work time*) 

5h Virtual classes

1h Mentoring sessions

3h Portuguese classes

5h Cultural sessions/workshops


*Campus b estimates about 10-12 hours per week, according to the project’s demand

It means to work with other students from different majors. All the projects have a central question or issue to be solved, but they are developed to be worked on by students from different areas and backgrounds. There is always space for everyone, for every idea and talent. Some students are better with the technical part of the project, others with the visual and creative, others with the data analysis, and so on, and all of them can work together.

Working on multidisciplinary projects provides students the possibility to enhance adaptability, flexibility, and collaboration skills as they are exposed to the challenge of working together across boundaries created by different backgrounds and expertise. A multi-talented team enables truly innovative project results.

With the application form filled out, the next step is to make the application fee (deposit) payment. If you will have a scholarship from your university, we will contact you confirming it when we get your application and the next step will depend on the process they require for it.

The companies’ projects are usually available about a month before the program begins. We send them to all the students who have applied for the program and ask you to rank them in order of preference. 

The selection process for the company you will be working with takes into consideration three aspects: 1) Your rank preference; 2) Your CV (major and previous experiences); 3) Companies’ opinion/preference; 4) Your availability. As there will be weekly meetings with the company and the team in a scheduled time, your availability will also be considered. 

Yes, it is. There is a list of Campus b partner universities offering scholarships for participation in the internship programs. To check if your university is on this list, please contact us at

As the companies are based in Brazil, GMT-3 is the official time zone of the program. We will ask about each student’s time zone in order to organize the activities and sessions during a period of the day that is good for everybody – for example, if you are in Australia, 14h more compared to Brazil, we will do our best not to schedule anything during your sleep time =).

Why participate in a Campus b learning journey?

Learning Outcomes

All of our programs are built around five learning objectives, which aims to assist participants in building the necessary skillset for the future leaders of our generation.


Understanding that the world is a entanglement of people with different interests, colors, desires and purposes, that even so can live in harmony and work together.


Expand your personal and professional life through experiential activities, interactions with local students, challenges, case competitions and challenges.


Develop the ability to gather information and analyze situations/problems in a neutral way, in order to propose conciliatory solutions;


Learn about the different challenges, environments and rules of another country, and collaborate in the design of solutions to create a more just and peaceful society.


Getting you out of your comfort zone, to expose yourself to new cultures, knowledge, tastes and sounds, so that you can know more about the other and consequently yourself.

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