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MAY 5th, 2021

Valeria Gonzalez

My name is Valeria Gonzalez Soto, I’m  21 years old, and I’m proudly from Cartagena, Colombia, now I’m in my last semester of international business and finances at Universidad tecnológica de bolívar. I’m a passionate person, committed with everything I propose to do,  in fact this was a goal that i proposed to achieve, because these types of experiences are part of my personal and professional growth, talking about the situation caused by the covid-19 I thought that I couldn’t longer participate in projects like this because in this moment i’m in the last academic semester of my career, which I love actually and I had the great opportunity to study thanks to half  scholarship that I won when I was in my last year of high school, and that allowed me to fulfill the dream of studying international business and finances, so when i got the new that i was selected to be part of this experience i was so excited and proud of myself, and having this opportunity the last semester was like a dream come true.

I think this is such a great opportunity to have a bigger knowledge about cultures that I’ve never known in my life and learn about possible cultural and political challenges that may exist in a negotiation. That’s the reason why I decided to participate in this project. I hope it will give me valuable tools to develop my career in the future, and improve my problem solving ability by having a global thinking. I also hope to exchange cultural knowledge that for me is something that everybody should have  because it allows us to be empathic, I think this kind of experience makes us be world citizens, so i’m really happy to share all my knowledge with all you guys and learn as much as possible.

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