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Blog Post 3

MAY 24th, 2021

Valeria Gonzalez

1 –  What is challenging about working cross-culturally in a virtual setting? What are the positives?


This experience has had many interesting things, the fact that we are in different countries and it will never be the same to have this type of experience in person, than having it in a virtual setting, however we have learned how to communicate and how to maintain an amazing connection, which makes teamwork and activities a completely new learning, and I love to work with my team, we all are different but that makes it a unique experience. The fact of being able to share with different cultures remotely is one of the benefits of virtuality. I believe that this circumstance provides the opportunity today to keep these types of experiences.


2 – How are you actively building trust with your teammates and your client when some may not be from your home culture?


Confidence is important when we are working as a team, and I think that we should all have a degree of confidence in the work of other people regardless if they are from my culture or not, because at the end people and their abilities are not measured by the country they come from, these are measured by how they use their knowledge and skills to develop solutions and give good results, and I think that even that is how the world should work, not seeing people by their nationality, seeing them for what they can offer.


3 – As an individual on a team, how are you prioritizing and expressing your recommendations during the upcoming “Advocacy” phase of case consultation?


Learning to listen to the recommendations is the main key of everything, as a team, every time we receive a recommendation and personally I also act like this, I put my effort into attending that recommendation and looking for alternatives to improve, from our team, with the recommendations and the feedback of our preliminary presentation I feel that we can develop an excellent project.

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