Positive Impact Internship '21

First edition │ 45 students, 12 nationalities, 24 universities and 7 projects


2020 was a time to redefine ourselves. A global sanitary crisis forced all of us into staying home and changing a lot of our plans. In this new reality, Campus b found its way of keeping internationalization alive through virtual learning interactions.

From their homes, hundreds of students got connected, worked together and constructed bridges supported by multicultural work, adaptability and many others that define our main goals and beliefs. 


Online programs allowed us to reach students from locations we have never been before, which means we were indeed going beyond. However, at some point, we asked ourselves how we could go even further, so we thought about giving opportunities for students that even on the online module were still not having access to our experiences of international education. That is how the idea of the Positive Impact Internship was born. 

24 universities

7 host companies

“You may try to guess what the program is, what you're going to do and the challenges you'll face.
I have one answer: You'll be challenged beyond your expectations.”

Gabriel Silva

UFRN Student, Internship Project with SUBPAT

Positive Impact’s Last Day interaction

The program offered scholarships for underrepresented students from Brazil and abroad, to work with purpose-driven Brazilian organizations. For this program, we applied the iPBL methodology that was developed throughout over a year of hardwork and research. Each session had an intentionality connected to our five learning outcomes: intercultural communication, adaptability, global awareness, critical thinking and personal development.  With this format, we brought more diversity among our participants through accessibility and the alignment of our essence as a certified B Corp to be a company better for the world. Students were divided in 7 different groups for 6 weeks, meeting twice a week: one meeting with the project host and the other for what we called Inspiration Mondays

The "Inspiration Mondays" meant to give resources and material for the students to construct their projects and work as a team. Academic orientations, cultural guidance, challenges to instigate critical thinking and so on.

Every week they would participate in a session with a  different subject and new guests. During their meetings with the project host, students work on real tasks and goals, brought by the organizations, with a dedicated supervisor, who supports the group’s development throughout the program. 

In addition to the projects, students had mentoring sessions held by a Campus b academic coordinator, who helped them develop the project. As the projects are multidisciplinary, each student is able to contribute their best quality and at the same time learn new skills while working on the project as a group.

“I really enjoyed working with many students from different backgrounds. We each used our strengths to help us in the projects, but we also noticed our weaknesses. Throughout the project, we were well outside of our comfort zone and were able to strengthen some of those weaknesses which we never thought of before this program. Overall, we were able to learn more of how businesses operate in other cultures and how to best communicate information.”

Salim Muhammed

University of Maryland Student, Internship Project with SER

The Results:

45 students and 7 project hosts completed the course with a high level of satisfaction, according to our feedback results. 

All the groups presented ideas to their supervisors and overall, students said that they developed their learning outcomes by 89%. This way, it is possible to say that the positive impact generated in the students by this experience can go beyond the professional and academic aspects, as they can take advantage of the developed learning outcomes in their lives as a whole.

Our passion in the academic field has given us the privilege of actively collaborating with more than 80 universities, offering professional and extracurricular experience journeys directly impacting more than 4000 students.

Written by:

Letícia Tavares, Pamela Camarano and Ronaldo Nagai

Campus b Team

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