international project-based learning

Developing Global Citizens

iPBL is a methodology created by campus b that offers an approach to project based learning approach on an international level. 

Students work in multicultural-teams to develop solutions to address real-world problems, while being exposed to different cultures and having live interactions with the project host.



The iPBL methodology can be applied remotely, on-site or in a hybrid model.


We provide international education for a better world that goes beyond student mobility.

Less than 10% of students from US-based institutions go abroad to study and roughly 1.2% of Latin American students do so*.

40% of the local students we serve are underrepresented**. Offering a hands-on international experience is a way to help develop global citizens.

More than 35% of our projects are hosted by purpose-driven organizations and/or address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

* This figure represents an average of the 8 countries that campus b works with (UNESCO, 2021)
**Local students from Brazil that were a part of campus b’s programs from May 2020 to April 2021


The Foundations of iPBL


Immersion into another culture

In our programs, all groups are composed of international students from our partner universities, and also by talented local students who are selected by our team through a careful process that takes underrepresentation, gender, ethnicity, university, and region into account.


something that provides mental stimulus for thinking

Bringing together professors and professionals that could give students food for thought makes this process more engaging and helps them find things that they could never find on Google.


a temporary endeavor with a definite beginning and end. Our projects are:

Real, interactive and implementable: they are not hypothetical case studies nor simulations. They are hosted by real organizations and address real-world problems.

Learning Outcomes

All of our programs are built around five learning objectives, which aims to assist participants in building the necessary skillset for the future leaders of our generation.


Understanding that the world is an entanglement of different people and communication is the key to the exchange of ideas, teamwork and conflict resolution.


Expand your personal and professional life through experiential activities, interactions with local students, challenges, case competitions and challenges.


Develop the ability to gather information and analyze situations/problems in a neutral way, in order to propose conciliatory solutions;


Learn about the different challenges, environments and rules of another country, and collaborate in the design of solutions to create a more just and peaceful society.


Getting you out of your comfort zone, to expose yourself to new cultures, knowledge, tastes and sounds, so that the participant can know more about others and consequently him/herself.

% of our students who increased:

86% intercultural communication |  70% adaptability |  70% personal development |  61% critical thinking | 58% global awareness

From remote programs run by campus b in 2020 and 2021


Want to learn more about how we can co-create an iPBL and embed it into an existing or a new course at your institution?

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