Together, we are a force for good

We are a B Corp: a unique global community of companies that are committed to having a positive impact on society. But what does it mean to be B?


In these ten years of our story, the journey to now has been nothing if not full of purpose for us. So it’s little wonder that we are passionate about being recognised as a B Corp.

“There is a logic in our current system that a business is an entity that makes money. If you attend a business school, at some point, you will for sure hear that a company has to reduce costs in order to increase profit. Otherwise, shareholders won’t be happy and investors will put their money wherever they have a higher return. Many times, success is measured in money. If you destroy the planet, underpay your employees but make a lot of money, you are a successful company ready to be on the covers of business magazines”, says CEO Daniel Amgarten.


“I was never convinced by that though. When I co-founded campus b in 2010, I did it because I didn’t see another company doing what I wanted to do, welcoming foreign students in Brazil.  That was what I was passionate about. Money was always a consequence, not the goal. Years after starting to run the business, I found out that there was a certification for companies that have a clear purpose and respect the planet and people. For those companies, money was also the consequence, not the goal. This certification is granted by B-lab.”

The B Lab System has more than 3,700 companies certified by B Corp in 74 countries around the world, with names in Brazil such as Natura, Reserva, ClearSale and EduK.

Having the B certificate is not a simple task.
B Lab, the non-profit organization that manages the assessments, conducts a process through a series of rigorous questions designed to discover how the business contributes positively in five main areas: its workers, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.

“In the very first assessment, we scored 34 points (a minimum of 80 is required in order to get the certification). I got very frustrated as this score is probably similar to the score of tobacco companies that don’t help the world at all. How could an international education company scored that bad? Digging deeper in the assessment, I realized that our actions were not written policies and there was much more that could be done. After working 6 months on our policies together with the team, we remade the assessment and scored 100.8 points”, continues Daniel.


At each stage of this process, companies are asked to demonstrate how they are innovating positively in these areas, which can cover everything from transparency policies to sustainability and renewable energy issues, among others.

“For every program we run, we keep in mind how to increase the positive impact we can have on our students. From a simple visit to a b-corp, where students can be inspired by this concept to adding local students that couldn’t otherwise have a chance to join an international education experience, this is a way we can redefine success in business. We can still improve a lot, but I am glad the question, “What can we do better to improve the world?” is within us and follows us in our actions.”

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