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Student Experience: Positive Impact 2021

with arthur barreto, gabriel silva, guido lanteri, lidia gonzales and marinella hernandez

At Campus b, we believe that learning is done collaboratively, experientially and with hands-on student-centered activities.

To measure the real impact and outcomes of any experiential learning program, it is essential to listen to who is at the center of the process: the student. With that in mind, we will bring stories from students who stood out in their respective projects, were actively engaged in program activities, and came out of these experiences as global citizens. For this article, we present Arthur Barreto, Gabriel Silva, Guido Lanteri, Lidia Gonzalez and Marinella Hernandez, participants at the Positive Impact Internship 2021.


Arthur Barreto

• From Brazil

• Studying Computer Engineering at Insper

Gabriel Silva

• From Brazil

• Studying Physiotherapy at UFRN

Guido Lanteri

• From Argentina

• Studying Business Management at UCEL

Lidia Gonzalez

• From El Salvador

• Studying Accounting & Management at University of Maryland

Marinella Hernandez

• From Venezuela

• Studying Criminal Justice at Columbus State University

1. How do you see positive impact initiatives changing the world?

Arthur Barreto

When I was 13, I used to go to school by bus, walked a little while. On the way school I observed everything around me, and I saw a lot of homeless people, and that scene it’s frozen in my mind until today. Frequently I lost myself under my own thoughts, imagining “if one person stopped the car and helped them, just some food and good words”. Well, I realized that kind of acts don’t happen frequently, it’s hard someone stop thinking about himself and pay attention on other issues, try to change the reality around you.

I believe positive impact initiatives help us think better on the problems of our community, don’t live in a bubble, where everyone is happy and have food to eat, a roof to get rest. Positive impact initiatives are not only defined by helping who needs, it is about changing the reality around you, with actions that will help the futures generations, actions that turn the life from futures generations fewer painful, make them feel pleasure for been alive, proud to be part a community who cares about the world’s issues.”


Positive Impact initiatives have the potential to arise abilities that you don’t know you have. It is challenging and stimulates you to have a problem-solution mindset. The program enforces you to deal with real-life whether it be public/governmental entities or private companies.”


“I see this contributing to an impactful change in the world. It is to remember that change begins with just one person, however, that person can not be alone and needs help. Having projects or programs like this help to raise awareness and reach many people and thus little by little reach the whole world.”


“The idea that this program brings a reality we have to face is that if we do not make a change now, there would be no future for our generations. This program encapsulates everything we need to do for our world and how to slowly start changing so we can keep our quality of life.”


“I think changing people thoughts and ways of thinking into a better way, is the best way to make the world a better place.

2. What was it like to work with different people and cultures and how do you see this diversity added to your experience and the program in general?

Gabriel Silva

"Working with different people is a powerful tool. It gives you a very unique perspective on the problem.

 We are inflected by our cultural values and there are big differences from country to country. They see aspects that you may not be able to notice. The diversity brings fun, the in-group conversations were always nice. I can say that I achieved more than I expected, I’ve acquired new abilities and qualities like effective communication, responsibility, proactivity, flexibility, and leadership. Now I feel confident to attend new international opportunities.”


“The most important thing was change knowledge, that was the point of the event. And we could see people from a lot of places, with different histories, different cultures and different languages, but everyone was inspired by the dream to achieve a final goal. If wasn’t teamwork I would never be here writing this text, once without it I would never have the opportunities I got in my life to be here.


“It was really challenging, an entire new experience for me. It was amazing to exchange opinions with people all over the world and learn with them during the project.”


“I think this was the best part of the whole program, the idea that I have friends all around the world, makes me feel like I am the citizen of the world, the culture, the language, the foods, the tolerance we had to built because we all come from different backgrounds and above all I believe that I have besties all over the world.


"To be honest, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my life,

althought i have previously worked with people from all over the world, this experience was like the first time I connected in such a diverse group with so many different cultures. And I love it. I had the opportunity to meet and learn about their culture, I love it. The program has been built and established in such an excellent way that we all felt very comfortable and enjoyed the process.”

3. What skills can you exercise during the program that helped your growth and that could be useful in your life in general?

"I've definitely achieved the 5 learning outcomes from campus b:


I have improved and learned even more about communicating with other people’s thru their culture and learn from them and enjoy working together and extending it to a friendship.”


I have grown and strengthened my knowledge.  I feel more fearless than ever and confident about what I do and how to express myself and my ideas. I have developed a sense of confidence and this is huge for me.


As we work through such a great project, my group and I did a lot of critical thinking, brainstorming, analyzing, and learning from each problem.


I feel more aware of the importance of making a more sustainable world. I feel secure and confident that this is very important for us and should be for the whole of humanity.


I expose myself this time and get out of my comfort zone. This was indeed the most important thing I did.


The most important one was adaptability. You are able to develop skills like thinking critically to solve problems, or international communication or even your own personal developments, yet all of those could be put into adaptability because we are all different and we all have different outlooks in how things need to be solved. However, this program opens up your horizon, and it allows you to see life from a different lens with a broader perspective.


“Under this program I could deal with very different people, with deadlines and troubles to get a connection with my team. Under this process, I could train my patience, we just learn it by practicing. I also trained my English skills. However, the most important thing I could improve was my sense to observe and understand the other’s reality, I mean, see the other side of problem and think for their perspective. I’m very glad to be able to improve myself, and now i am closer to understand more universes (everyone is a different universe) and one day be able to be president.


“The program has 5 principles, and I can say that it really worked these principles on us. For me, Adaptability and Personal Development are the most valuable outcome that I surely will use in my career that, by the way, wasn’t related to my project theme.


“Intercultural communication is one of the few skills I developed during the program which I think it will be useful in my future. I’ve also learnt about global awareness which is something that is gaining a lot of recognition nowadays.

4. What moments and interactions in the program would you highlight as having the most impact on your life?

Marinella Hernandez

"I think every Inspiration Monday was my favorite time, due to the fact that we were able to get enough information from people that were in the field and could really implement ideas in our companies and projects.

My best memory was our last day on our Monday routine and they put us in breakout rooms and Dr. Ronaldo Nagai (Campus b Academic Director) went ahead wrote in the chat, “only quarterbacks in this group”.”


“I could say that 3 moments were very important. The inspiration Mondays because they give you tools to work around the project you’re working on. The meetings with the host company, it was great the experience of you being on the side that brings a solution, and they respect you and trust that you can do it! Finally, office hours is a light in the darkness. My group was a little bit lost in the beginning and the mentoring gave us a direction and we were able to come up with a good solution.


“When Laura (company host representative) presented their organization and their goals, i just wept. It’s so beautiful what they do and at the same time it’s so sad to know that exist an enormous group of people lacking help. My wish was to be able to solve all those problems, i can’t see someone suffering, i start to cry and feel their pain. Work on SER group was the best match for me, i could help them to bring happiness, bring smiles, bring hope, a new opportunity under their lives.


“Learning about Brazil and its culture was lovely, I feel that I need to more aggressively save so I can go to this is an amazing country. I love each one of the workshops and every Monday at campus b. I am so grateful for this opportunity each of you at Campus B was such amazing support and for making this program possible for students like me and others.


“Working in the project with my peers and trying to find a solution for the company situation was a very interesting self-learning experience.

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