Positive Impact
Program 2023


Brazil │ March 13th – May 8th, 2023
DEADLINE: February 22th, 2023

The Positive Impact Program is a global eight-week long project-based virtual learning experience. Bringing together students from all around the globe, the program challenges participants to develop innovative solutions for purpose-driven organizations throughout Brazil in a dynamic consulting-style format. 

Program Overview

Students will be divided into groups and paired with Brazilian organizations or companies to work on the project. Each team will be composed of 5 – 7 students, with at least some Brazilian students on each team.


This not only challenges students to improve their intercultural communication skills, but also helps participants better understand the local context. In addition, the teams will be composed of students from a variety of different majors. Having a broad range of disciplines represented in this program contributes to the richness of solutions that students are able to develop.


The program—which will run from March 13th to May 8th, 2023—will be divided into two main parts:

1. Project Management Orientation

During the first two weeks of the program, students will participate in an orientation course that will help get them ready to get started on their projects.

We will host live sessions that will equip students with the tools they need to be able to get started on their projects. Between both synchronous and asynchronous content, students should expect a workload of about 15 hours total during these first two weeks.

2. Project Execution

After the orientation course, students will spend the remaining six weeks of the program working on their projects.

On a weekly basis, students will be expected to attend our Inspiration Monday sessions and their weekly project meetings. In addition to the 15 total contact hours students will have in these live sessions, they should expect to spend an additional 25 hours working on the project.

Spring 2023 project hosts:

We will announce the two main project hosts that will work with participants at the beginning of 2023.

Past project examples:

Biowash is a Brazilian company that manufactures and sells natural, plant-based cleaning products, having sold certified vegan and non-GMO products in stores and supermarkets across the country for 15 years.

Students had to develop a plan to help Biowash attract new consumers through existing e-commerce marketing channels including Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads in order to help the company expand the use of its products in a way that made sense for Brazilian consumers. In addition, students had to conduct an evaluation of the company’s bottles in order to present recommendations on the cost-effectiveness of investing in new packaging. 

Tropik Cosmetics is a company that seeks to transform the cosmetic industry into a natural source of wellness by ethically sourcing natural oils and ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest in such a way that preserves the biome and produces a regenerative economy in the region and country. 

Students were challenged to create a business case for the international expansion of Tropik that would balance both the company’s drive for innovation and its commitment to sustainability. Students had to delineate how to apply this strategy in such a way that attended to consumers’ needs, guaranteed consistent growth, and contributed to the development of a regenerative economy in the cosmetics industry. 

Estou Refugiado is an NGO that works to help refugees achieve socioeconomic integration in Brazil by offering professional development resources and support and by developing projects aimed at the general public to combat xenophobia and racism. 

Students were tasked with developing monitoring, evaluation, and risk management tools for Estou Refugiado’s “Cores do Mundo” project, an initiative that aims to raise awareness and promote a deeper understanding of the refugee experience through large urban art installations created by refugees and placed throughout the city of São Paulo. 

MOVIN is a fashion company that provides an essential, minimalist, and conscious lifestyle by offering products that are made using sustainable materials, low-impact technological processes, transparency, and traceability.

Students were asked to conduct an analysis of current trends and market opportunities in the conscious consumption and circular products field in order to develop a business canvas consisting of three products, services, or solutions that MOVIN could implement into the national and international market. 


Who is eligible to participate?

Any undergraduate student enrolled in a higher education institution in any country around the world;

- Students from all majors and areas of study are eligible to participate;

- Students do not need prior professional experience to be eligible–what is more important is having the interest and ambition to dive deep into a social-impact focused project;

- All participants are required to be able to communicate in English at an intermediate level.

Participants will be required to:

- Attend all Inspiration Monday sessions (every Monday from 6:00 to 7:20pm EDT);

- Attend all project meeting sessions (Wednesday or Thursday starting at 1pm or 4pm EDT for 90 minutes, depending on project placement);

- Dedicate time outside of these two sessions to work on their projects in collaboration with their teammates and complete activities related to program content.


For many, creating a positive impact in the world has become a prerequisite in choosing a career path. Indeed, 9 out of every 10 people consider meaningful work to be more important than salary. 

This realization sparked the creation of the Positive Impact Program.


In addition to working with organizations making a difference in the world, this program also serves as an opportunity to have a positive impact by increasing student accessibility to global experiences. This program offers scholarships to underrepresented students from Brazil and abroad in order to ensure that more voices and perspectives are included in the development of social, economic, and environmental solutions that will shape the world going forward. 

Improve your critical thinking, global awareness and adaptability skills

Learn how to work in a multidisciplinary team

Boost your resumé with an international academic and professional experience

Collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds

Digital certification

Students who successfully meet the program’s attendance, participation, and performance requirements will receive a digital international experience badge from campus b, describing all five learning outcomes that they accomplished through their participation in the program.



*campus b, in parternship with a number of select universities around the world, will be offering scholarships to allow students to participate in the program at no additional cost. Feel free to reach out to campus b or your university to see if you are eligible for one of these scholarships.

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