Positive Impact
Internship 2022


Brazil │ October 3rd – November 14th, 2022
DEADLINE: September 15th, 2022

Going beyond the internship.

As the world continues to become increasingly more interconnected, so do the social, economic, and environmental issues facing society today. Amidst the rise in social media and other forms of mass communication, people are ever more aware about these problems and are more disposed now than ever to do something about it. For many, creating a positive impact in the world has become a prerequisite in choosing a career path. Indeed, 9 out of every 10 people consider meaningful work to be more important than salary. 

This realization sparked the creation of the Positive Impact Internship. Bringing together students from all around the globe, the program challenges participants to develop innovative solutions for purpose-driven organizations throughout Brazil over the course of a six week long virtual project-based internship. 

Program Overview

In addition to working with organizations making a difference in the world, this program also serves as an opportunity to have a positive impact by increasing student accessibility to global experiences.This program offers scholarships to underrepresented students from Brazil and abroad in order to ensure that more voices and perspectives are included in the development of social, economic, and environmental solutions that will shape the world going forward. 


Students will be divided into small groups and paired with Brazilian organizations or companies to work on the project. Each team will be composed of 5 – 7 students, with at least some Brazilian students on each team. This not only challenges students to improve their intercultural communication skills, but also helps participants better understand the local context. In addition, the teams will be composed of students from a variety of different majors. Having a broad range of disciplines represented in this program contributes to the richness of solutions that students are able to develop.


Past project examples:

Biowash is a Brazilian company that manufactures and sells natural, plant-based, certified vegan cleaning products, free of petrochemicals and non-GMO.

Project goals: How can Biowash attract new customers to use their products based on Brazilian consumer habits? What tools are there and how can they better communicate their differentials? 

Final Delivery: Based on the tools Biowash uses today – Instagram, Facebook, google ads, e-commerce store – students came up with solutions that could help the company to reach the goal with a low investment using, per month, 5% of their actual e-commerce revenue. With the younger and more environmentally aware audience in mind, students shared TikTok examples, ideas for partnerships with digital influencers and discount offers, as a way to spread the word about Biowash and other suggestions of tools to help easily monitor the achievements and numbers.

SDGs achieved:

INSTITUTO LAR is a non-profit organization that was born in 2016 to strengthen the process of social reintegration of homeless people, offering different activities that occasionally or continuously help homeless people to recover their dignity, citizenship and social identity.

Project goals: To monitor the individual trajectory of each beneficiary of Instituto LAR. Register participation in workshops, individual consultations, food, training, among others.

Final Delivery:

The group delivered simple and affordable solutions, that were compatible with the reality of the organization, capable of tracking the individual trajectory of each beneficiary of Instituto LAR in order to create a reliable database. The group also delivered a proposition on how to raise awareness and incentive workers to use the tools as a routine and its benefits, to maintain an organized process and easy access to information.

SDGs achieved:


  • Be enrolled in any undergraduate program at a higher education institution;
  • Be able to communicate in English;
  • Be able to commit 5 – 7 hours per week to this project between October and November 2022;
  • Be motivated to join a multicultural team to help solve a real-world problem.


Improve your critical thinking, global awareness and adaptability skills

Learn how to work in a multidisciplinary team

Boost your resumé with an international academic and professional experience

Collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds

Digital certification

 Students with over 75% of attendance and with a grade of over 7.0/10.0 will receive a digital international experience badge from campus b, describing all five learning outcomes that they accomplished through their participation in the program



From October 3rd – November 14th, 2022
This program consists of a total of 40 hours, divided over the course of the 6 weeks.
In addition to the 15 contact hours, between company meetings and inspiration sessions, students should expect to have a workload of about 25 hours to work asynchronously on the project."



for 50 underrepresented students from selected universities


for other students

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, this internship doesn’t offer credits; however, participants will receive a certificated signed by campus b and the host company of the internship

This program offers an opportunity for professional development by working on solving a company real case in Brazil. Besides it, you will have the opportunity to improve your intercultural communciation, adaptability and critial thinking, increasing your international network and learning more about another culture, timing and project management.

The inspiration Mondays will give you tools to work on your project. Every week you will also meet a company representant that will answer your questions. Besides that, you will receive 2 mentoring sessions that will help you and your team to craft a solution by using Campus B methodology.

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